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Brandon Feeds Project

Brandon Feeds Project was born in the mind of 7yr old Brandon, while riding in the back seat of his mother's car. The Lord impressed on his heart to "Do Something" for the Homeless population in our city; and just like his favorite Matthew West song declares, he did.  Brandon felt so strongly about serving that he chose to give up his birthday party and birthday presents as his 8th birthday was approaching.  He is 12 now, and still no parties or presents, just a heart for the homeless that has grown to quarterly projects each calendar year.
To date and with 10 projects under his belt at the time of this write-up. the Brandon Feeds Project has handed out 2500 backpack meals in Nashville and Clarksville communities and He's not done yet. 
How does a 12year old pull this off; Donations!  100% of everything Brandon Feeds Projects serves to the Homeless comes from the love and support of people who know him, or heard about the work he is doing and want to help him achieve his goal. 
100% of all food items, socks, blankets and bags are donated to Brandon so that he may continue to serve the Homeless community.  
The next Project is already receiving items.  Your financial gifts and donations are put to great work. Whether you ship items via Amazon to the house, or send him to pick-up around town; we say Thanks and Keep it coming. 
The more support you give, the bigger impact the Brandon Feeds Project has on those less fortunate.  We cannot do this without you.
Elementary age children and their families are welcome to serve at our projects. After all, it was the heart of a child who started this journey by simply responding to his Mom's question; "What do you want to do for the Homeless?"   And his obedience to God has brought us here.  Follow us on Facebook, email or text mom, Lisa, for upcoming projects.

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