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Healing Flames Forge Inc.

Healing Flames Forge Inc. (HFF) is an arts-education nonprofit located in a blacksmith shop in Woodlawn, TN.

Purpose: The nonprofit provides a place to relieve stress. We use basic ornamental blacksmithing and related skills as a means to that end. Our hope is that we can turn frustrated, angry energy into positive, creative energy, and possibly preserve an ancient art.

Mission Statement: Enrich the lives of others through hammer, anvil, and camaraderie.

Our Priority for Customers:

  1. Veterans
  2. Active-duty service members (includes Guard & Reserve)
  3. First responders & frontline workers
  4. Adult family members and battle buddies of Categories 1-3 (may be bumped up in priority to accompany their family or battle buddy).



  • Two mentors mentor up to eight participants in 3- or 7-hour sessions in the smithy on Saturday and Sunday.
  • A session includes administrative requirements (participant sign-in, hold-harmless agreements, etc.), icebreaker & introductions, shop orientation, instructions on shop tools and their use, and a safety briefing, and then hammering out some projects.
  • Projects include S-hooks, wall hook, barbecue fork, steak flipper, bottle openers made from various stock, feather, leaf keychain fob, fireplace poker, and other projects.
  • For participants who complete the entire weekend day program, open forge sessions will be available on weekday evenings to practice and refine their skills.
  • Sessions are self-paced, and participants can register for additional sessions to continue their work.

Sign-up is easy! Go to our website (healingflamesforge.org), click on CLASSES, scroll down to the calendar, pick your date, and follow prompts from there. Dates with available sessions will have a hyperlink in the calendar.

For the basic program, all instruction, tools, shop material, project stock, and PPE are provided at no cost to program participants. *

*Projects made by participants are take-home items. Tools and PPE are not take-home items.

Check us out on Facebook or at healingflamesforge.org

POC: Rob Duane at 610-750-0924 or healing.flames.forge@gmail.com

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