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Manifest Magic Black Girl Cooperative

Manifest Magic Black Girl Cooperative was created to be a safe place for Black women to engage with women who understood their unique circumstances and help each other navigate.

Manifest Magic Black Girl Cooperative is committed to empowering Black women to break through the barriers created by racial and gender bias. With education, engagement, access, and advocacy initiatives focused on civic, economic, and social empowerment as well as comprehensive wellness programming, Manifest Magic Black Girl Cooperative works to create a new culture of empowerment that does not limit or marginalize, but instead celebrates the greatness of Black women.

Our vision is to create a culture shift that removes the barriers that prevent Black women from being their authentic selves and thriving without barriers.

While our organization is hyper focused on Black women, we provide services, events, and initiatives that are available to the whole community, regardless of demographic.

Some initiatives include:

  • Community Mental Health Initiative that included mental health first aid and a body language course which makes you aware of how emotional wellness contribute to mental and physical health.
  • Community events geared towards sharing culture and promoting unity and inclusion.
  • New Book club
  • Monthly meetings with subject matter experts and community members
  • New program geared towards providing access to activities and experiences in which Black women are under represented or even historically excluded from.
  • Our newest set of workshops included improv, in which less than 5% of improvisers are Black women.
  • We have opportunities for personal and professional development including public speaking course, networking, and financial literacy bootcamp.
  • Educational platform with access to over 1800 courses to learn new skills as well as up-skill.
  • Provide emergency financial support to women in distress. In the past this has included helping a woman leave a domestic abuse situation, paying for unexpected funeral expenses after a member lost a child, assisting in furnishing homes, and providing food and clothing.

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