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Caleb Cares Project

The Caleb Cares Project is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves as an outreach in the Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee area.  Caleb Slate not only lived, went to school and worked in our community, but he gave his heart and time in community service and showed love to people every day.  This nonprofit strives to honor Caleb and carry on his legacy by using our hands to show love, give back and serve our community in his memory.  Caleb died suddenly and tragically when he took his own life on August 12, 2019.  Devastatingly, Caleb did not leave behind an explanation or reasons for that choice, but he did leave behind a legacy of love for us to continue.  We were not ready for our earthly life to end with Caleb, so this Project helps us keep his name spoken and his love alive.  While The Caleb Cares Project is an outreach organization, we also strive to bring awareness to young people and their families that suicide does not discriminate and strongly encourage open and honest conversations at home about what to do when difficult circumstances arise and life turns dark.

Our mission is to show love and help meet the needs of under-resourced children, youth and families in our community.  We see people for the child of God they are and will show that we love them just as He does.  The motivation behind all we do is our love for Jesus and our compassion for people.  We strive to enhance the quality of life for those in need in our community.

To give, love and serve genuinely and authentically.

To show people that we believe they are a big deal around here.

Through us Caleb’s hands will still give, his heart will still show love and his story will save lives.

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